Surfside Vodka & Soda

Seventh Wave Vodka & Soda


Seventh Wave Vodka & Soda

Kick back on the beach!

The founders of Seventh Wave came to our Vancouver Branding studio with an aim to name, brand, and package their vodka and soda alcoholic beverage.

Brand Naming

The vision for customers love to kick back on the beach with a guilt-free beverage, that tastes great and has a mouth-watering aroma.

Of the handful of names we developed, Seventh Wave was the winner. Ocean waves travel in groups of seven, and the seventh wave is the biggest of the bunch. Seventh Wave has a refreshing sound, as well as referencing the surf culture. This would lend itself well to visual graphics and having a “good vibe”. The name resonated with the founders goal of making a splash in the alcoholic beverage market.

The Logo Design

Bringing all the sun-filled California vibes, the brand identity we designed takes people straight to coast. Tapping into the laid back surf vibe, this identity represents the easy-going, easy-drinking vodka soda. By pairing clean typography with a refreshing colour palette, we captured the idea of lazy days spent watching the sun set into the sea.




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