Brand Strategy

5 Questions to Ask Before Branding

How to build a great brand

With market disruptions and choice overload for consumers, what do the successful brands have in common?


As fast as brands emerge, they disappear just as quickly. With market disruptions and choice overload for consumers, what do the successful brands have in common? To survive and thrive, we our Vancouver Branding Agency believes brands must focus their brand narrative by answering a few fundamental questions.

How to build a great brand starts with answering these questions

Why are we here?

The big picture and your lofty goals. All decisions made for the brand should reflect this overarching goal for the brand. If the business is operating with no guiding principles or vision, you’re going to be flailing at every decision. This simple question starts to provide clarity for the brand.

What’s your story?

To rise above the hollow tactics, you need to dive into the power of an authentic and compelling story. This is what will draw customers in and act as the jumping off point for any and all communications.

Who are we doing this for?

You can’t ride two horses with one ass! Clearly define your customer. What are your customers struggling with? How can your brand help them? How do these people want to be spoken to? Being relevant and sought after is about delivering and experience that’s irresistibly saturated with value. You must build empathy for your customers by standing in their shoes, understanding their perspective, clarifying their pain points, knowing their behaviours, and feeling their needs.

How are we Different?

It’s not about being better, it’s about being different. When everyone Zigs, you must Zag. Carving out a distinct position and personality is the foundation of a strong brand.

What’s our personality?

Honest, genuine, cheerful, wholesome, and down-to-earth? OR are you luxurious, glamorous, upper class, and charming? These characteristics are an important part of developing communication and visual identity for your brand


There is a lot more that goes into crafting compelling and exceptional brands, but asking these questions early in your process, and continually referring back to your results, will help you start moving in a winning direction.

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