Graphic Design + Illustration

One-of-a-kind Brand Graphics

Creating sublime graphics for advertising, retail, vehicle graphics, tradeshow design, print design and digital social media design.

Graphic Design Services

We are a dynamic, innovative, award-winning Vancouver branding company that designs with purpose. We work with clients to create a holistic identity that articulates meaningful communication between you and your clientele.

Brand Identity

Logo Design, Colour Palette, Typography, Brand Graphics, Illustration, Brand Standards

Package Design

Dieline Design, Food Packaging, Boxes, Bags, Pouches, Beer + Wine Bottles, Labels, Jars, Promotional items

Web Design

WordPress, UX, Website Theming, Responsive Design, e-Commerce Design, Icon Design

Brand Collateral

Corporate stationery, Business Cards, Brochures, Annual reports, Invoice Templates, Presentation Design

Restaurant Design

Environment Branding, Menu Design, Signage Design, Loyalty Programs, Merchandise Design

Tradeshow Design

Exhibition graphics, Pop-up Banners, Booth Design, Wall Wraps, Modular display systems

Advertising Design

Magazine Ads, Digital Banners, Retail POP, Signage, Social Media Design, Facebook Ads

Store Branding

Office Space Design, Large Format Graphics, Branded Office Theming, Interior Design Coordination

Brand Graphic Design

Graphic design that delivers your brand message in a potent way

The best graphic design companies help you to attract attention, but more importantly, they use visuals to strategically deliver your brand message. Graphic design companies like Zesty Brands provide the visual assets brands need to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Years of experience in graphic design and brand development means that we know precisely how to design images, shapes, typography and colour to make an impact. From advertising design to social media campaigns, package design and corporate identity design; to product sales sheets and trade show booth design, we can do it all…

We can even go beyond the visual design aspects of building your brand, and provide copywriting for your campaigns or develop website copy to align with your brand personality and identity.

We ensure your brand is compelling and ubiquitous throughout your graphical journey. Most importantly we act as your brands steward, helping you navigate the many brand challenges when getting communications to market.