A thirst for perfection

We're a Zestful Bunch!

Vancouver branding experts, passionate about creating compelling brands, infused with intelligence, meaning and imagination.

If you’re doing things differently, you need a branding agency doing things differently. Our team is about solutions not egos, with a process that rewards brave clients, and work that doesn’t conform to convention. We’re enthusiastic about helping you rise above the competition and shake up your market. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Rachelle Hynes

Main Squeeze

As founder and creative director, Rachelle’s passion lies in making bold, smart decisions and uncovering your greatness. She goes all in with creative enthusiasm, always coming back with fresh ideas for her clients.

With over 16 years of agency experience, Rachelle holds an Illustration + Design degree from Capilano University, and her work has achieved accolades from several publications including; DesignEdge Magazine, TheDieline, Kitwatch, and Awwwards.

Rachelle is a creative thinker who’s solutions are underpinned with business strategy and ethics. She understands the impact of creativity on clients’ investments, and balances her clients goals. Rachelle is friendly, highly experienced, and committed to building strong brands and maintaining close client relationships. In her spare time, you can find Rachelle at her Squamish Branding Agency immersing herself in her passion project Zestylife.ca, or mountain biking, skiing, flyfishing, or creating colourful west coast oil paintings!

Christian Tisdale


Lifestyle photographer and videographer

When we need the perfect brand image, we can always count on Christian. Often found on the road chasing perfect light, Christian has works his magic to bring your brand story to life. With a very strong background in still images and many international clients, Christian’s expertise extends to strategic planning and executing large scale productions in studio and on location. Christian has worked all over North America with clients ranging from local bands like Vancouver Island Brewing, to multinational corporations such as Subaru.


Coding skills for the most complex ideas

Creating a consistent digital brand presence takes serious skill. There are few people we would trust to make our pixel perfect designs come to life, that's why we exclusively work with Mintstone.

Together, we create beautiful, bespoke websites, tailor-made for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Done right – and we won’t have it any other way – website design is capable of illuminating brands, changing perceptions and making communication hit home with your target market.

The Mintstone team of software developers have over over 15 years of experience. Seasoned at the garbly goop of coding that brings great web design to life—from SQL at database level, WordPress plugin creation, or coding JavaScript functions, they know their stuff.


Zesty Sidekick

Kula the labrador keeps the zest-factor ever-present at our studio.

Kula ensures the floors are spick and span, we don’t forget to eat lunch, and that the toys have been thoroughly squeeked—especially during Zoom calls.



Virtual Meetings & Real Creative

We optimize our creative space, utilizing your budget for the things you really need

Like many of our clients, we’re immersed in the digital working sphere. As we spend less time travelling and more time developing strategies and creating concepts, we can utilize your budget for the things you really need, like a kick ass brand and those extra packaging features you always wanted.

With many long-term client relationships across Canada and beyond, we have honed our process and communicate style to suit a variety of client needs. We’re skillful at digital communication, and flexible if you prefer to meet you face-to-face and want to built that into your project scope.

In our realm of branding and design, we believe there is a time and place for group work, and a healthy amount of focused Deep Work as well. In order for the creative mind to process and unravel problems, it must disconnect from the world and its many distractions. We think you’ll appreciate the Zesty result.

Our Zest Factor

Zesty means being Lively, enthusiastic, spirited. We believe in boldly going where no brand has gone before. Our purpose is more than just about making money, it’s about working with passionate brands who aren’t afraid to challenge the norm. As branding experts, we believe when you have the courage to get Zesty, that is when the magic happens—where truly amazing brands are born. Every experience your brand creates is an opportunity to bring to life its real meaning and promise.

Unlike large, traditional branding agency’s, working with Zesty Brands means you work with the people who actually do the work. Direct contact with the creative minds means ideas flow more freely, and we are agile in our approach.