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We create brand experiences through packaging

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We keep your brand lingering in the mind of customers subconscious, through clever ideas and compelling stories. Whether you’re a startup or worldwide brand, we can illuminate your brand through package design — so you can outperform other brands and win the hearts of customers.

Package Design Services

Throughout the package design process, we collaborate with you to ensure your goals are realized and the brand product makes a big statement. Our package designs communicate clear brand character that resonates with your consumer.

Package Design

Brand differentiation, unique customer experiences and bring an return on investments for our clients.


Boxes, Bags + Pouches

Bottles, Labels + Jars

Paper & Carton


E-commerce & Amazon solutions

Promotional items

Gift incentives

Certification Icon Design

Graphic Design & Illustration

Dieline Setup

We’ll help your business navigate through the complex process of package creation and packaging requirements for many product categories — reducing cycles between design and printer to get your product on shelf faster.

Substrate Consultation

Product Checklist

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Compliance

Food label requirements

Bilingual Labeling

Dieline Creation

Real-world Mockups

Print Coordination

Pantone consultation

Strategic Design

Package design that engages the stands out! Does your brand aim to make people more healthy, joyful, secure? Our design becomes the voice they hear when seeking solutions, and they will love you for it, and tell friends.

Food Packaging

Beverage Packaging

Pet packaging

Beer Packaging

Spirits & Liquor Packaging

Technology Packaging

Clothing Packaging

Health & Wellness Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Product Launch

More than just beautiful packaging

Great package design fulfill consumers' innermost desires

Great package design is a powerful vessel for your brand message. We take time to really hear your vision, diving deep into your brand, understanding what pieces make you unique within your category, and then designing a compelling package for that.

Through strategy, imagination, speed, and a knack for bringing it all together, we achieve potent creativity, and design brand packaging that’s instantly distinguishable from other brands.

We get brands noticed

From scratch, rebranded, and refreshed packaging design solutions

You may have the best new product out there, and we know lots of hard work has gone into creating it, but if the consumer can’t find it, doesn’t understand it, or it gets passed by, you’ve missed your chance.

Our package design expertise has helped both local and global consumer brands grow and get noticed. From our studio in Vancouver, BC, we work with exciting brands around the world – from big household names like Ocean Spray® to small startups turned Canadian sensation, like CHIWIS.

As an established packaging design company, you can feel confident that we have a wide range of experience in multiple categories from food & beverage, health & wellness, beauty & personal care; to technology, pet packaging, and one-of-a-kind products.

More than just beautiful packaging

From outstanding brands to standout packaging

Wildly successful products aren’t just lucky, they have unified the brand experience with design, and ensured the technical details are on point.

In addition to brand and design, we understand the amount of regulation and certifications impacting package design. Consumers will always have a desire to know as much as possible about products, especially edible products. Our package design agency is skilled at regulatory compliance; ensuring net weight, identity and distribution statements, size, position, verbiage, readability and other standards. We also understand retail and e-commerce, such as Amazon Packaging Support, and the needs of individual retailers such as Costco.