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5 Questions to Ask Before Branding

How-to build a great brand

As fast as brands emerge, they disappear just as quickly. With market disruptions and choice overload for consumers, what do the successful brands have in common? To survive and thrive, we believe brands must focus their narrative by answering a few fundamental questions.


Do I need to Rebrand?


Branding is the process of attaching an idea to an object or a service. It carries a promise that draws people in. The brand is more than a look, it’s a gut feeling for the customer.

Rebranding is risky and resource-intensive. It’s also absolutely necessary if you’re not reaching people with a relevant message, standing out in the marketplace, or accurately communicating your value proposition.


How-to Squeeze Out a Great Brand Name

Brand Naming Names are a powerful component in branding. Strong names help brands stand out, make an emotional connection, and are the bedrock for creating compelling graphics for the brand identity and package design. There’s a knack for brand naming. Not only do you need to come...


Reasons you need a Brand Standards Manual

Maintaining your zest! In order to continually create value for your company and protect the strength of your brand, you need commitment to consistency. A Brand Standards Manual achieves this by creating specific rules for using the elements of the brand, such as your logo, colours, typography,...


The Best Dog Food Package Design

Fetching great Pet food Package Design Imagine you just picked up your new puppy, and now you’re off to the pet food store to choose her food. Your eyes pass over a package with an image of a dog blasting through the woods after its owner...


Label Requirements Worksheet

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Putting together your brand new product package design can be confusing. At our Vancouver Branding Agency, we help our clients get through the process as swiftly as possible using a helpful package worksheet and checklist. Our package checklist includes labelling requirements about the...


Finding your Zest Factor

What makes your brand the “only”? Dive deep into the heart of any successful brand and you’ll find one crucial element: a zest factor. Think about why your brand matters. At our Vancouver branding agency, we take our clients through a unique process to discover what makes...


How-to Create Juicy Social Media Content

Social Media Ideas Your followers are hungry for new content and they expect your brand to deliver on a consistent basis. That’s why you need to have a stash of ideas in your back pocket. I've put together a simple chart of social media ideas for brands...


Criteria for a Great Brand Name

What's in a name? Are you a rising startup in search of the perfect brand name? Choosing a brand name requires strategic thinking and consideration of brand naming guidelines. Choose the wrong name, or even the wrong spelling could cause an incredible amount of headaches and...


Ultimate Product Startup Checklist

Ready to launch your product? As you get closer to launching your product brand, it may feel as though you’ve waited your entire life for this moment. All of your blood, sweat and tears is about to pay off! But, do you fully understand the process...


4 Questions to Ask Before Branding Your Business

Are you ready to get Zesty? Branding is an opportunity to connect with the right audience in an unforgettable way, but without an understanding of the branding process, your business will be lost and your money will be wasted. Here are four questions to get you thinking about...


How-to Write a Brand Value Proposition

The best thing since sliced bread A value proposition is a clear statement of the results that the customer can expect to receive from your product or service. Because your marketing initiatives are organized around this value proposition, it's critical to get it right. A big idea...


Finding Your Brand Voice

Branding Beyond Design As brand designers, we develop many aspects of the brand, from the strategic thinking that creates the big idea, to the brand visual graphics, colour strategy, typography and imagery. But there’s an aspect that many startups and designers overlook, and that is a...


Disruption: The path of gutsy brands

If there are so many good reasons to innovate, why is innovation so rare? The loudest and most compelling voice is always the voice of warning. It’s respected with little scrutiny and it’s often parlayed into the voice of wisdom in brand survival. However, the intention...


Cannabis Branding

It’s becoming understood that an investment in strong branding for cannabis companies is key to rising above the glut of hopefuls trying to get a piece of the grassy pie. With Canada's federal government announcing it would be legalizing marijuana, we're seeing a staggering increase of...


Branding & Package Design in 2018

The brands we buy are an extension of our identity. Products are more than just products, they’re a signal to who we are and the values we hold. The job of branding and package design is to reflect those values back to the customer. When it...


How-to create a successful product launch

Getting your idea to the shelves The process of getting your idea to the shelves of major retailers can feel overwhelming. And once you're there, success not only requires a viable idea but an alluring brand, scaleable business model and healthy supply chain. Understandably, we all want...


Why you need a personal brand

If you don't have a succinct personal brand, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage in your professional and personal life. What is a personal brand? Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, it's your reputation. Personal branding means taking an active...


Why Zesty Brands

Here at Zesty Brands, our Vancouver branding agency has a heartfelt passion for uncovering your greatness. Main Squeeze and creative director, Rachelle Hynes inspires you to push the boundaries and make bold decisions. In her experience, it's in this uncomfortable territory that extraordinary brands are born...


Gaining traction in a peloton of brands

Strategies for getting ahead of the competition are often based around the principle, be better than the rest. This can be an uphill battle if you’re one of many in a peloton of brands. If you’re a startup or small brand looking to breakout, you’ve gotta...


The Zenful Brand

Mindfulness is a means to listen more deeply and guide actions through clear intention rather than emotional whims or reactive patterns. In an era where brands are increasingly pressured into short-term thinking, careless reactions to trends, features frenzy and non-existent visions, it’s worth considering how mindfulness can help brands filter...


Dude, that brand is SO Rad!

Sometimes catching the best wave is not what makes you successful, it’s what you do on the wave you’re riding that makes the difference. You can frantically paddle into whatever comes your way, but it’s a waste of energy and resources. To really get the epic...


Brand consistency is the Zest-factor

Here at our Vancouver branding agency we lead ambitious companies to become brave and captivating brands. Regardless of what we’re working on for you, our approach has a potent focus on consistent brand experience—That’s how you build an authentic brand that people desire. The zest-factor When you're getting...


Branding vs. Marketing

You're not selling features and benefits. These days it's critical to dive deep into meaning and belonging. Alter the thinking of tangibles to the intangibles people desire. Often people think of attracting customers by finding a large group of possible targets, make shiny things to attract...