Swift + Lively Websites

Digital Branding

We’re fuelled by curiosity, a desire to understand and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves to build a dream website for your brand.

We articulate your brand digitally, through meticulous design, creative copywriting, and pixel perfect development — keeping your brand lingering in the mind of customers subconscious.

The Digital Brand

We’re seasoned experts in building websites that ensure your digital brand is consistent, engaging, and compelling in its online presence.

Website Strategy

Every digital brand is unique, but creating them starts with one thing in common—understanding. We want to know everything. Where you started. Where you want to go next. Your vision and your customers.

We review your digital assets and map your journey, research the competition and develop your best route to success.

Website Audit

Brand Messaging Strategy

Content Strategy

Sitemap Strategy

User Experience

Website Design

Communicating your brand story online means every headline, every visual element is intentional and based on harmonized recommendations.

Our strategic focus is building brand equity through digital platforms and in this design phase we explore how website functionality can inspire and inform the brand message.

Visual Strategy & Mockups

Rapid prototyping

Brand Storytelling via Design

UX Design Conversion-Focused Strategies

Responsive Design

Website Launch

Once we pass the handle, it will be important for you to monitor and care for your digital brand—as if it’s a living, breathing thing that interacts with your customers.

So before you launch your website, we ensure it’s running smoothly, the glitches have been ironed out and it has been thoroughly tested.

Technical Planning

WordPress CMS


Social Media

Custom Functionality


Digital Branding

While other digital agencies in Vancouver stretch design to fit technology, we stretch our technology to fit your brand. At Zesty, Branding comes first.

We design digital brand strategies that aren’t clunky and over-designed with flashy gimmicks. We design and deploy intuitive interfaces, succinct brand messages and fluid functionality. Harnessing our strategic thinking, we tailor your content to your brand personality, and optimize your content for SEO, and design compelling visuals.

We deliver digital design solutions that showcase your brand powerfully, with more impact. We’ve been successfully integrating branding expertise with technical know-how for years, and can offer much more than just website design.

Brand Website Copywriting

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or DTC, our expert brand strategists will help you strategize, plan, and launch engaging, memorable brand copy.

We know what to say and when to say it with a brand story and messaging strategy that guides your website design and the template for all future brand communications.

We answer why you exist, what problem you’re solving, and what you’re offering.

Brand Messaging

  • Brand message strategy
  • Brand messaging toolkits

Brand Storytelling

  • Brand story and narratives
  • Brand language and keywords
  • Brand messaging books