We create Zesty Brands

A heartfelt passion for uncovering your greatness

Our Vancouver Branding Agency squeezes out the best in you, with mind-blowing creativity that promises juicy results!

Zesty means being enthusiastic, spirited, and full of life. We believe in boldly going where no brand has gone before. You can count on us to avoid well trodden paths and industry cliche’s, ensuring you have a meaningful and radically different narrative for your brand that’s poised for success.

Zesty Branding Process

Our Vancouver Branding Agency is skilled at challenging the conventional, embracing collaboration and streamlining our creative process to get juicy results.

Brand Strategy

We identify opportunities your brand can uniquely own by analyzing your business, your market, and trends in the world.

Brand Discovery

Group Discussions

Brand Research

Brand Positioning

Brand Messaging

Brand Architecture

Strategic Platform

Zest Factor

Brand Language

We amplify and hone your brand personality, aligning tone of voice to brand strategy, we’ll determine a memorable delivery of your brand message and communications.

Brand Naming


Brand Theme

Brand Personality

Brand Voice

Creative Writing

Product Naming

Brand Identity

Bringing your Zest Factor to life: we get creative from logo and colour palette, to thoughtful typography and imagery.

Logo Design


Digital Mockups

Graphic Design

Pantone Matching

Icon Design


Brand Launch

We get technical with brand standards and execution, ensuring your brand is poised and ready to enter the limelight.

Print-Ready Files

Brand Standards Manual

Brand Signage

Branded Environments

Vehicle Graphics

Tradeshow Design

Instagram Style Guide

Brand Strategy

Our branding process will squeeze the juiciest details out of your brand

We take clients through a unique process to discover what makes you the one and only. We understand expressing your needs can be difficult, which is why we’ve developed a proven (and fun) process you’ll really enjoy!

We unearth points of difference to improve a brand’s Zest Factor. We ask probing questions such as Why does your brand exist? What does it stand for? We consider how your team, stakeholders and customers see things. We dive deep into perceptions and attitudes, and interpret industry trends. We encourage you to adopt bold strategic solutions that make a lasting impact. We’re experts at squeezing out greatness!

From Brand Purpose and Brand Positioning, to honing your Brand Voice, Brand Name, Brand Personality, and creating Taglines, we have a knack for gaining an empathetic understanding of your customers values, interests, and qualities and using that to strategically distinguish your brand from the competition.

We do a few things very well

Using specialized abilities and ideas, we build brands and shape reputations.

At Zesty, we don’t spread our talents or energy too thin. We’re wary of diluting our abilities. Our expertise runs deep in branding and everything we do stems from strategic brand thinking. Whether you need Brand Strategy, Naming, Branding, Package Design, or Website Design you can rest assured we take a very purposeful and brand-focused approach.

Using our strategic branding tools such as communication audits, research & reporting, competitor analysis, market research, polls & surveys, we examine the Zest Factor of an organization; its products and services, and recommend based on a blend of thorough analysis, deep understanding and creative intuition.


Reposition, Refresh, Renew! Rebranding isn’t just about redesigning the logo, it involves every aspect of your business.

For a company to thrive and stay ahead, it must continually pay attention to the strategic direction of its brand. Even when times are tough — especially when times are tough — The business of brand-building is essential.

This is where we can help. As a brand strategy agency, Zesty has the experience and expertise to unearth insights that lead to informed and inspired brand strategies, positioning, and refreshed design.

We don’t just change your symbol, we create symbols of change.

Brand Naming

Strong names help brands stand out, make an emotional connection, and inspire brandplay

Creating a brand name is surprisingly challenging. Brand names are rarely unique, must be available online, could be legally contested, might mean something naughty in Spanish, and are loaded with pressure!

A name must have substance. It helps to create meaning, strike a chord with your audience, or spark immediate relevance. Our brand naming agency process involves a methodical strategy, from name generation to legal searches, registration and trademarking, we can help you find the perfect brand name.

Branding Creative that's Simply the Zest!

Purposeful design that delivers your message

Prosperous brands are more than the sum of their parts. Among the best branding agencies in Vancouver, we have a knack for executing your brand message with potent visual design.

We have a thirst for design perfection and are seasoned experts and taking brand strategy into more tangible cues such as colour, typography, graphics, photography, illustration and design. Combined, these elements play a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable brand.

Agile Strategy

Being agile means we are flexible, adaptable and efficient; accelerating the creative process.

Fresh Ideas

Having seriously impactful ideas is our intrinsic motivation, so we are constantly pushing the envelope.

Cost Estimating

We're transparent in our estimating, so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

Brave Brands

Our clients are pioneers and leaders, always pushing themselves beyond the concept of comfortable.