A thirst for perfection

Our Vancouver branding team is passionate about creating compelling brands, infused with intelligence, meaning and imagination. We’re enthusiastic about helping you rise above the competition and shake up your market.

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A Zesty Process

Through the years, we’ve learned how to challenge the conventional, embrace collaboration and streamline our process to get juicy results.

Brand Strategy

Phase I: Brand Discovery

In this phase we squeeze the juiciest details out of your brand; the strengths and weaknesses, competition and the environment in which your brand lives—This allows us to create meaningful design solutions.

Having our clients express their needs can be difficult, which is why we’ve developed a proven (and fun) process you’ll really enjoy.

Brand Identity

Phase 2: Brand Creation

In this phase we develop the brand’s visual identity. The brand identity’s job is to provoke an emotional response in its customers about your products and services.

Using the strategy from phase one, we create brand identity options that involve an in-depth set of components and memorable visual language, designed to linger in the subconscious of your audiences mind.

  • Brand Naming + Tagline (if required)
  • Brand Logo Design
  • Brand Typography
  • Visual Identity & Style
  • Digital Mockups
  • Graphic Design
  • Pantone Matching
  • Brand Standards Manual

Brand Launch

Phase 3: Brand Kick off

Once we pass the handle, it will be important for you to monitor and care for your brand—as if it’s a living, breathing thing that interacts with your customers.

So before you introduce it to the world, we ensure all of your brand materials are consolidated and delivered to you in proper formats. We also help with advertising campaigns such as:

  • Brand Standards
  • Brand Signage
  • Branded Environments
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Tradeshow Design
  • Instagram & Facebook Campaigns

Agile Strategy

Agile thinking means being flexible to adjust on the go, accelerating the branding process.

Cost Estimating

We’re very transparent in our estimating, so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

Fresh Ideas

Having seriously impactful ideas is our intrinsic motivation, so we are constantly pushing the envelope.

Brave Brands

Our clients are pioneers and leaders, always pushing themselves beyond the concept of comfortable.

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Rachelle combines thoughtfulness with speed while maintaining a high caliber of creative effectiveness throughout the process.


Rachelle is kind, committed, and goes above and beyond the ask — a pleasure to work with!


Working with Rachelle was a delight! You know when you are looking for a place to live and you walk into the house that just feels like home? You know that feeling? Well we had that feeling early on with Rachelle.


Rachelle was a pleasure to work with. She is very collaborative and brings experience and a trained eye to brand and package design. We consistently receive compliments on our packages and would never have been able to showcase Chiwis so well without Rachelle! 


Zesty has pushed our brands to the next level and their work garners frequent compliments.


Zesty is truly THE premier branding and design studio in Vancouver —they nail it every time!


Rachelle is a wonderful creative director. She values communication and always incorporates our feedback into the work. A++


The Zesty team is professional, timely, and really understands our mission. I would highly recommend them.


Zesty Brands' creative work stands out and has greatly helped build our brand at Rescue Project.


We've worked with Rachelle of Zesty Brands on a variety of projects, always on point and she works quickly. Highly recommended.

Branding Definition

To increase value and avoid commoditization by building a differentiated brand.