Brand consistency is the Zest-factor

How you become a leading brand

Here at our Vancouver branding agency we lead ambitious companies to become brave and captivating brands


Regardless of what we’re working on for you, our approach has a potent focus on consistent brand experience—That’s how you build an authentic brand that people desire.

The zest-factor

When you’re getting to know a person, you start to feel more and more comfortable. You learn about their positive traits, personality and how they make you feel. Effective branding is exactly the same. Branding is not just about looking good and getting your name out there. It’s about helping customers get to know your brand on a personal level.

Is Arc’teryx hands-down better than every other outdoor apparel brand in the world? Probably not. Regardless, it has countless diehard fans who search far and wide for their perfect Arc’teryx technical shell—even if they see a similar brand with essentially the same features, quality and warranty.

Consistency translates to dependable

We are surrounded by a multitude of these similar brands every day, whether we realize it or not. So why do we choose one brand over the other? Consistency is one critical component. It’s the way the brand makes us feel over and over again. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company and this gut feeling determines our likes, dislikes, and most importantly, our brand loyalty.

This is where the importance of brand consistency comes into play.

Trust = Reliability + Delight

Ultimately, what you are trying to do with your brand is create trust between you and your customers so they don’t have to think too hard about their choices. They automatically pick yours. Trust is a result of your reliability and the delight you deliver. The more choices people have the more you need to work on the delight portion of the formula. We make our decisions very intuitively even though we try to be rational, the human brain is not powerful enough to make complex decisions rationally. So in the end we rely on trust.

The Trust Formula: T = R + D (Trust = Reliability + Delight)

Great branding makes customers feel like they know your brand and that your brand can be trusted. Arc’teryx does this very well. Their purpose is to create apparel and gear that gives users the confidence to perform at the point of extreme need and their goal is to create equipment that enables a person to be immersed in the moment of doing, regardless of external conditions. They evoke emotions with customers over and over again in their brand communications, marketing, events, graphics and brand touchpoints.

In contrast, Mountain Hardwear has similar quality products, but they simply aren’t as good at telling a story or evoking emotions in customers. Good quality can only carry you so far, and so they become just another brand that pales in comparison to Arc’teryx.

The zest factor is when customers feel like they know you and can trust you and when they identify with your purpose. Only then will they become loyal brand advocates who recommend you to their peers.

How to become a captivating brand

I’ve heard many clients say if they could just get customers to try their product or service they’re sure they would like it. It doesn’t work that way. You must start by putting a consistent brand message in front of consumers.

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