Cannabis Branding

Strong branding will get you a piece of the grassy pie

Strong branding for cannabis companies is key to getting high above the competition


It’s becoming understood that an investment in strong branding for cannabis companies is key to rising above the glut of hopefuls trying to get a piece of the grassy pie.

With Canada’s federal government announcing it would be legalizing marijuana, we’re seeing a staggering increase of products coming on the cannabis market. This means you’ll be seeing a lot more Cannabis brands in the near future.

Gone are the days of buying weed on a dimly lit street corner. It’s no longer a shady exchange, it’s regulated, legal and it’s a legitimate business—a business opening up an exciting new territory.

At our boutique Vancouver branding studio, we develop brands for growers, investors, dispensary owners and inspired entrepreneurs. We help cannabis companies take an objective look at their brand, develop a strategy for how they want to be perceived and create design and communications to follow.

It’s becoming understood that an investment in strong branding is key to rising above the glut of companies trying to get a piece of the grassy pie. It’s more than just selling marijuana products, this is an entirely new business sector that requires everything from professional and captivating branding to chic package design and fully designed and branded retail spaces.


The importance of remarkable cannabis branding

The sustainability of the cannabis industry is dependent upon strong brands and good design. Beyond just making the product more mainstream, strong branding helps the public feel safer and more well-informed about the use of cannabis. The public needs to see that the industry is legitimate, and branding and package design will be the first and most notable ambassador of change.

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