How to name your brand

Criteria for a Great Brand Name


Criteria for a Great Brand Name

What’s in a name?

Are you a rising startup in search of the perfect brand name? Choosing a brand name requires strategic thinking and consideration of brand naming guidelines. Choose the wrong name, or even the wrong spelling could cause an incredible amount of headaches and missed opportunities.

If you want to create a brand name that sticks in the minds of your customers, and works for you to create brand recognition and awareness, then you’ll need to keep the following factors in mind:


A great name stands apart from the competition, as well as from other words in a sentence. If you want to own a unique position, you don’t want to be confused with another company or blend in with the rest of the market. From a legal standpoint, you want the rights to own and protect your name.


More than just stating a feature or function, a great name creates a feeling or shares a benefit. Choose words that evoke the positive associations you want customers to have with your brand.

Has creative legs

The best names have creative “legs”—they readily lend themselves to great storytelling, graphics, PR, advertising, and other communications.

Easy to spell, easy to say

A great name doesn’t leave your customer tongue-tied. A great name feels good to say, therefore people like the way it sounds and are more willing to use it and remember it.

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