How to become an unbeatable brand

Dude, that brand is SO Rad!


Dude, that brand is SO Rad!

Sometimes catching the best wave is not what makes you successful, it’s what you do on the wave you’re riding that makes the difference.

You can frantically paddle into whatever comes your way, but it’s a waste of energy and resources. To really get the epic payoff you’ve gotta play to your strengths with strategy, patience and poise.

At our Vancouver branding studio we teach brands how to maintain rhythm and purpose, observe the landscape and immerse themselves in the culture, before deciding to drop in.

Keeping steady is a radical notion

In today’s crowded market, it’s hard to find ways to stand out from the rest. Although temping to follow other brands into their wave, the world doesn’t need more of the same. If you don’t stand out, you’ll end up drowning in the sea of me-too brands.

Branding is about learning to keep your focus in a state of flux. The proverbial waters of consumerism are unpredictable and changing at all times and in order to rise to the top you must stay true to your vision.

The best brands are simple in both idea and look and they cut through the clutter by delivering a simple and consistent message. When the message is simple, it’s easy for people to understand, share and relate. Achieving simplicity is not easy, but brands who learn to harness its power will find their business just, flows.

To get simple you have to go really deep.

Branding deals with the fundamental, not the superficial and it focuses on the root problem, not the symptoms. By understanding and defining the core of your brand, we can bring you closer to your customers and further apart from the competition.

Branding is an effort to reach deep inside your audience and evoke feelings about your company. To do this, you start exploring the center of your company with Why then you move outward through the How and you end up on the outside with What.

To be epic is to be radically different

Great brands understand risk often leads to reward. Brands who are brave enough to take the wave less traveled, choose a tactic no brand has taken before and develop a purpose that is wholly their own, will have a more competitive presence, a stronger organization and seriously radical brand.