Package Design

How a Package Design Agency Increases Market Share

Outperform other products through a proven process

Products that sell don't just look nice, they've been strategically designed by a package design agency to have a stand-out position.


A package design agency increases market share through strategically led design. Products that sell attract attention, concisely communicate Zest Factor™ of the product, and ultimately entices consumers to buy it. A great package design agency will translates your idea to actual market share and a tangible impact on revenues and profits.

Packaging that earns a big slice of market share pie

Packaging isn’t just about looking nice. It’s about strategic design that translates to positive market outcomes, revenues and profits.

Stand-out brand positioning

Positioning differentiates you. Holding a unique position creates associations with your brand so it’s perceived in a specific way that makes you the only and obvious choice for your customer. Our Brand Positioning strategy is formulated by understanding these critical components:

Consumer awareness

What problems are you solving? What are the perspectives and mindsets your customers hold about this problem?


What is the current way customers solve this problem? How are other brands solving it and what are the obstacles?

Your Zest Factor™

How do you uniquely solve this problem? What is distinct about your offering and why should your customers care?

How we do it:

  • Immersing ourselves in your brand with a thorough discovery phase.
  • Conducting rigorous research into the target market and brandscape.
  • Defining consumer needs from rational and emotional level.
  • Investigating how competitors are positioned and perceived.
  • Exploring your Zest Factor and doing a deep dive into your viewpoint
  • Defining a vision for perception and the associations we aim to trigger in customers.

Attract the right customer

You only have a few moments to capture attention on shelf. Visual distinctiveness is pivotal to your product success. When consumers look at the shelf, they notice things that break the pattern they’ve come to expect. Which means they pay more attention. We harness this psychology by designing packaging that’s both attractive and distinctive. Once they pickup the package, we invite them in with language and moments of discovery.

Mapping your Zest

Zesty Maps™ give us the lay of the land. Through differentiation scoring, we highlight areas to stay away from, and areas to explore. Navigating the brandscape as we map the areas needed for greater visibility and brand recall. Zesty Maps™ explore things such as colour, logo, photography, typeface, imagery, substrate, language, and other key elements. Using these maps, we can bring concepts to life with confidence that they will achieve juicy market results.

How we do it:

  • Auditing your competition for distinctive brand assets.
  • Creating your Zesty Maps™ to guide concepts.
  • Delivering comparative charts and mockups.

Communicate your Zest Factor™

Once customers pickup your product, here is where we communicate your Zest Factor. Research has found that 85% of packaging failures are attributed to unclear or confusing messaging. Our Zestful Messaging™ process applies these important factors:

Communication hierarchy

Ranking the order of importance for each message and feature.

Purchase drivers

Leveraging and highlighting the messages that communicate value and lead to purchase.

Zestful language

Looks at various communication directions and learning which messaging themes are most important. We enhance your messaging with copywriting and design. Editing and omitting things that do not matter.

How we do it:

  • Examine your competition and how they’re communicating.
  • Identify patterns and trends in your marketplace.
  • Create messaging ideas and groupings that align with your brand position and focus in on purchase drivers.

Entice the consumer

Equipped with research and strategy, we deliver distinct packaging concepts, the are each unique, yet hold true to our goals and strategy. Once a creative direction is chosen we refine your packaging and give you the confidence you need to move forward and put your packaging on the shelf.

The living brand

Once you launch your brand, it becomes a living brand with a personality that people love to talk about.


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