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Names are a powerful component in branding. Strong names help brands stand out, make an emotional connection.


Names are a powerful component in branding. Strong names help brands stand out, make an emotional connection, and are the bedrock for creating compelling graphics for the brand identity and package design.

There’s a knack for brand naming. Not only do you need to come up with a unique name, it must have legs for a great brand story to accompany it. It really does pay to work with a top brand naming agency. Naming is a blend of art and science—a creative process with hundreds of clever considerations—it’s certainly not an easily conquerable feat.

When launching a new business, it’s essential to get brand naming right the first time. Our strategic approach helps us identify the most likely directions that will lead to finding the perfect solution. The meaning doesn’t have to be evident, but it should be easily told. A brand is more than a name, it’s a reputation. A name, like a logo, becomes a flag for your deeper story.

Brand Naming Tips

  1. A great name should always have a deeper meaning.
  2. A great name zags when everyone zigs.
  3. A great name is useful — it supports story, products, communication.
  4. A great name is easy to say/spell/search
  5. A great name can be trademarked

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, please drop us a note!

Zesty Naming Services:

  • Company naming
  • Product naming
  • Campaign naming
  • Names for services
  • Descriptive taglines and slogans
  • Competitor research
  • Domain name search
  • Basic trademark search
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