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Marketing During a Recession: Be yourself

Recession proof brand strategy

Brands who harness the power of genuine connections and heartfelt recommendations will sow the seeds of abundance


As the economy takes a downturn and recession looms, businesses find themselves at a critical juncture that demands a radical reevaluation of their strategies. The unfolding circumstances beckon brands to transcend the confines of selfish thinking and attachments to transactions.

How to build a recession proof business starts with forgetting about building a recession proof business…

Entering a recession means even more competition for business. And in a world brimming with self-interest and cutthroat competition, we encourage businesses and startups to make a paradigm shift towards a harmonious approach to business and branding. Brands who can surrender the attachment to mere profit and focus on genuine connection can sow the seeds of abundance.

Stop thinking about yourself already

In an era where individualism is celebrated, it’s easy to fall into the trap of selfishness. As brands jump on the bandwagon to wave their social cause flag, the mirage of selflessness is all too common. We need to actually be authentic, and break free of our self-serving motives.

Social media veneers and performative activism blur the lines between genuine support and opportunistic exploitation. Brands, in their race for relevance and revenue, have been quick to hitch a ride on whatever social cause is the flavour of the day, often in a manner that rings hollow and insincere. This disingenuous approach is the epitome of hollow marketing.

Start nurturing your connections

Put down the phone and nurture real connectivity. With the goal of fostering relationships and learning more about the people around you, people will naturally and organically spread the message of your brand. By recognizing the value of meaningful interactions and placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction, brands can tap into a reservoir of goodwill that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of marketing.

Cultivating a gracious mindset

Brands need to reevaluate their approach during the recession, and forevermore! Here’s how they can infuse graciousness into their strategies:

1. Authenticity over Hype

In a world saturated with advertisements, authenticity stands out. Remember who you are and why you’re doing this — Brands that are honest about their offerings and genuinely aim to make a positive impact on their customers’ lives will naturally garner positive recommendations.

2. Building Genuine Relationships

Instead of merely pursuing transactional relationships, brands should focus on real connections. Forget the trends! What do you actually believe in? Stand by your core values. Your likeminded tribe will appear.

3. Humble Approach

Authentic businesses avoid grandstanding and recognize that true impact doesn’t always need to be celebrated. You don’t need to post every good deed you’ve done on social media, the work itself is a testament to your authenticity.

Recession proof your brand through connection

We believe that the path to prosperity is paved with genuine connections.

True authenticity involves standing firm in one’s values, even flying in the face of trends and at the risk of offending someone. By cultivating an ethos of genuine care, purpose, and commitment to offering true value, businesses can capture the most effective form of marketing — genuine word of mouth.

Not merely a trend to embrace during a recession, but a way of being that fosters lasting connections with customers. Create an atmosphere of trust that goes beyond the bounds of transactions and likeability.


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