Small Business Branding

Why small companies need branding

If you think branding is only for big companies with big budgets, you need to look closer at the definition of branding


Many small business owners I meet think they need a “logo” for their business and very few understand the nitty gritty of what a brand is, why it’s important and that their financial investment is wasted if they’ve only thought as far as logo.

Why small companies need branding and how it can lead to business success

Your new venture started with an idea: an unmet need in the world. However strong the idea, the brand that the business launches has to be formed and crafted to best communicate the idea. Branding and healthy business go hand in hand, but for most small business owners it’s hard to implement successfully because they just don’t see how developing a brand can apply to a small business such as a physiotherapist, cafe or veterinary clinic.

If I were to replace the word “branding” with “reputation” I might get your attention. Your reputation matters, right?

Your company name, the way you answer the phone, the clarity and consistency in communication, the vibe in your office or shop, what your customers are saying about you; all of these things create an impression of your company and what it’s like to do business with you—that’s your brand.

The process of branding formalizes how you conduct and present yourself and your business on a day to day basis and it involves creating a set of standards for decision making and communication. The creation of graphics are certainly part of this process, but they have a purpose, which is to signal the reputation you wish to convey.

How does a logo fit into branding then?

A logo in its basic form is a distinctive typeface or graphic style used to represent a brand name.

Think if your logo like a suit or outfit you wear. Its purpose is to support your personality, values, character and all of the things that can’t readily be touched or seen. It draws people in to learn more…but as we know, unless there’s more behind a mans good looks, most ladies will keep on walking.

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