Brand Identity

The Importance of Custom Photography for your Brand

Investing in an own-able brand tool

The quality of your product photographs can make or break your package design


The value of a strong brand identity is first and foremost on the minds of companies hiring a branding agency. The need for a well-designed logo and perhaps package design, but that’s often as far as they’ve thought—or budgeted for.

But, what about brand photography?

It’s disheartening to watch some brands treat such a powerful possibility for far-reaching visual impact, as an afterthought. Imagery is an investment, and hiring a photographer takes extra time and strategy to curate. For some clients, there seems to be an assumption that stock photography can be easily sourced and doctored for ones needs. However, the difficulty, the time spent searching, and licensing associated with selecting appropriate, unique, visually-cohesive stock images tends to be vastly underestimated.

The quality of your product photographs can make or break your package design and marketing materials. The most straightforward purpose behind product photography is to show people what you’re offering. Delivering the right photo on your zippered pouch or e-commerce website, captures attention and sets the right expectations. By doing so, you establish your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

Aside from visually pleasing photos, it is the consistency that’s important. From colour grading to angles, materials and food styling, all these elements help solidify a brand story and image people will associate with you. It’s unique to you. Custom imagery is just that—custom, for you. Your brand. Your personality. It takes the care to fit well within your brand voice and becomes an own-able brand tool.

It makes the branding agency’s job easier

Without good photography, a great brand can look unprofessional. If you’re making an investment in branding and package design, don’t skimp on the photography because often your efforts and investment will be greatly diminished.

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