Creating space for what matters

The Zenful Brand


The Zenful Brand

Mindfulness is a means to listen more deeply and guide actions through clear intention rather than emotional whims or reactive patterns.

In an era where brands are increasingly pressured into short-term thinking, careless reactions to trends, features frenzy and non-existent visions, it’s worth considering how mindfulness can help brands filter out the noise and create space for what matters.

Mindfulness encourages more intentional and purposeful action in our personal lives, but it goes for business too. From brand development to design and deciding how and when your brand will communicate, mindfulness can be applied to every area of business. Taking a zen approach to branding offers a space to breathe—to evaluate what’s in front of you and make conscious decisions.

Mindful Brand Tips

Elegance and simplicity, two of the hardest attributes to accomplish are key to achieving a Zenful brand.

  1. Identify what’s most important and eliminate everything else.
  2. From design to communication, refrain from adding what’s not absolutely necessary.
  3. Breathe and reflect on your core values and goals before making decisions.
  4. Align your brand with a meaningful purpose
  5. Limit information just enough to pique curiosity and leave something to the imagination.
  6. Remember that doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing.


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