Small Business Branding

From startups to seasoned entrepreneurs

Are you a wide-eyed startup in need of small business branding for your product or service that’ll knock the socks off your competition? We’ve got you covered.

We create opportunities for your brand, bring energy and enthusiasm to the table, and send you into the world with a confident strut! —Sound like your kinda thing? Sweet!

Branding for Startups + Entrepreneurs

Are you startup, entrepreneur or inventor needing help with branding your company?

We understand you have a brilliant idea and are needing some expert business advice on how to build a brand or execute packaging design for your product. Our Vancouver Branding Studio is well-versed in the essentials of launching your brand and have helped numerous entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

We get it. Building a successful business and creating a brand can be overwhelming. But partnering with an experienced brand mentor can make all the difference in the world and create some mind-blowing results. We have spent the last 14 years working with individuals just like you to develop brands that stand out, get noticed and attract the people.

Small business branding

Branding packages for ambitious small businesses

You’ve been dreaming of a brand that exudes your passion, and one that lives and breathes your ethics. You’re ready to leap into the exhilarating experience of finally launching your own business!

If this is you — if you’re ready to step up and stand out, let’s talk! Before we begin the branding process, we’d like to introduce ourselves and hear about your needs and your goals. We’ll talk you through our process, discuss your plans and help you decide which of our services is the right choice for you.

A customized package

We build a tailored brand plan

Depending on your situation, we can include a variety of components—such as a Brand Strategy Platform, Brand Naming, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Packaging and basic marketing materials. Each project is unique and what’s included and the complexity of each component depends on your needs, financial resources and your timing.

Swift and Efficient

Let’s get started!

We have an innate ability to quickly get to the heart of what matters within your business. We’re mindful of time and we use your budget wisely to ensure the best bang for the buck! If you’re looking to launch a new venture with a finite budget, we can offer strategic and honest advice as to how to make your dreams happen.

Small Business BC

Do you need financing for small business branding?

At our Branding Agency in Vancouver, we love to collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs. We’ve helped create many brands for startups, and helped them grow into successful, dream businesses.

We understand you might have a brilliant idea, but aren’t sure how to finance it. Our approach to branding startups is organic; we guide your through the process, but create tailored plans to utilize your budget most effectively. We offer entrepreneurs a combination of big agency experience, with boutique agency attention and flexibility.

Sometimes you still need a little help with financing, and we recommend taking a peak at the Small Business BC Website for Funding Opportunities for Small Business Owners