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A branding agency will help build a strategic vision and create brands brimming with meaning, depth, personality and longevity.


The purpose of a Branding Agency is to help companies create, review, redefine, refresh and connect with stakeholders. Brands come to us when they have a brilliant idea and aren’t sure how to communicate their point of difference, their offering, or reach their audience. Our clients want to change their visual and emotional impression, and influence the way they’re perceived.

Our branding agency in Vancouver is ridiculously passionate about helping businesses with their brand

At Zesty, we help brands develop a strategic vision of where they want to go and we inspire them to get there by creating brands brimming with meaning, depth, personality and longevity. We understand the purpose of the brand. We’re not afraid to ask awkward questions, and we’re experts at breaking through barriers and rejecting formulaic solutions. Whether you’re a startup, an established brand, or a global organization, we use a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build from scratch, refresh, or rebrand.

Brand Strategy creates measurable business growth

We’re a strategic branding agency. Before we let our imagination run wild, we apply a healthy dose of strategic thinking. We get to the juicy core of your brand, your market, the target audience and uncover your Zest Factor. With the brand platform, including quantitative and qualitative research, we gain a deep understanding of all the relevant issues and formulate a plan for design execution.

Innovative insights launch creativity in exciting and uncommon directions. Anything but flights of fancy based on a whim, our creative explorations are based on solid, fact-based foundations. As a strategically focused branding and package design agency in Vancouver, we achieve the right balance between thinking, creating, and managing.

Warm communication

We believe in friendly and clear communication, which is why we are accessible and ensure important meetings and conversations are built into each project. There is a huge amount of nonsense involved with big corporate branding firms. You won’t find any here at Zesty! We are down-to-earth and all set to get you where you want it to be.

Workflow & updates

Knowing what’s happening during your project is important for you and us, which is why we ensure accessibility and swift communication. With efficient work processes prioritizing the needs of our clients, we adhere to deadlines and budgets.

Fully immersed in your brand

We believe you deserve a branding agency who is fully immersed in your business. The result is a cohesive understanding of your challenges and goals—critical to success. We dive deep into your business goals and dreams, taking the time to understand you so we can effectively provide solutions.

It’s all about you

With an objective outlook, we strive to see things from our clients’ point of view. We offer strategic and experienced advice, but we also understand that this is your brand. Our creative brand endeavours are always bolstered by establishing close and harmonious working relationships.


Over a decade of branding agency experience delivered within a boutique and personalized method

The impact of our creativity on our clients’ investments is a critical consideration. To this end, we align our goals to those of our clients. Using flexible workspaces, we’re more agile, more efficient and able to respond to our client’s demands more quickly. Immersing ourselves in your project with passion and vigor, away from the hustle and bustle of a big corporate firm means low overhead costs and competitive project fees. In today’s digital world, agility is more important than geography and speed of response matters more than office hours.

We care about your success

With a determination to deliver deep, tangible benefits, we follow up every brand strategy assignment, we ask a series of vital questions:

Have we’ve helped our clients achieve their branding objectives? Have we unlocked the full potential of their brand? Does the brand have a sustainable Zest Factor? Have we created a consistent brand experience? Have we built a good working relationship? Have we challenged the conventional? Have we outmatched the competition? And, critically, has market share increased?

If you’re doing things differently, you need a branding agency doing things differently. Whether you need Brand Strategy, Naming, Branding, Package Design, or Website Design you can rest assured we take a very purposeful and brand-focused approach.


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