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CHFA Non-Alcohol Beverage Trend

Sober Curious, the latest Retail Trend at CHFA Show

Non-alcoholic beverage brands lining up for package design, as consumer attitudes towards low and no-alcohol drinks are buzzing!


Sober Curious is the latest Retail Trend at CHFA Show. Consumer attitudes towards low and no-alcohol drinks is leading to a buzz of new beverage innovations!

#sobercurious at CHFA

The #sobercurious movement and demand for non-alcoholic alternatives has been largely driven by younger consumers. In 2022, sales of no- and low-alcohol beverages grew by more than 7% in volume across 10 key global markets, surpassing $11 billion in market value. Consumers are on a shift towards wellness and our branding agency has been seeing trends such as Vegan product branding, Gluten and Dairy-Free Brands, Meditation Apps, Smart watches and other health related products. With this trend people are starting to cut back, or cut out alcohol too.

Wellness and self-care is a wave sweeping the country—and brands are not only bringing cool new products, but they’re bringing good package design. Packaging design must tell a story and create an emotional bond between brand and people. In this competitive brandscape, great packaging is a must. Brand strategy for package design is equally important, including a powerful mix of research, experience and brand storytelling.

A few things we consider when launching a product brand

Opportunity gaps

Anticipate opportunities where consumer needs are not being met.

Hidden Drivers

Hidden drivers that persuade or hinder buying decisions.

Existing Consumer perceptions

Strategically positioning on the shelf by understanding existing customer perceptions.

Key Benefits

Understand and prioritize the benefits your market cares about

Especially with the non-alcoholic beverage market, we think about

Define Perceptions

Guide how consumers think about your brand and products.

Create Opportunity

Creatively mapping your product to user needs in new ways.


Do you have a non-alcoholic beverage you want to launch? We can help you confidently craft your brand and drink packaging design, while assisting with Canadian compliance and support. Whether you need Brand Strategy, Naming, Branding, Package Design, or Website Design you can rest assured we take a very purposeful and brand-focused approach.

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