Blender Bites

This smoothie brand is disrupting the freezer aisle

Package design for ready-to-go smoothies that enhances the brand’s visibility, story and ambition to create a functional brand


Brand Identity
Package Design
Graphic Design
Ad Design
Blender Bites started to build a name for itself, but the brand’s packaging wasn’t pulling its weight on the shelf. Blender Bites hired Zesty Brands to give the smoothie packaging a new look, while establishing a more cohesive look and feel across its product line.

Branding & Logo Design

Blender Bites, with their carefully curated smoothie pucks, needed a package design that encapsulated their vision of functionality and simplicity.

The new visual identity for Blender Bites reflects the refreshing simplicity and purity of the ingredients. Clean and modern packaging design with vibrant colours complements the commitment to transparency, showcasing the natural goodness within each puck. The logo itself embodies the essence of the brand—a harmonious fusion of organic elements and convenience.