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With increasing knowledge and demand for quality pet food, so too comes the need for branding and package design that communicates this promise.


Fetching great Pet food Package Design

Imagine you just picked up your new puppy, and now you’re off to the pet food store to choose her food. Your eyes pass over a package with an image of a dog blasting through the woods after its owner riding a bike; another image below shows Salmon with the headline “Wild Pacific Salmon from Haida Gwaii”. The Omega-3-rich icon signals to your brain that THIS is the perfect food for for your furry friend!

Without using a lot of busy words and static images on the front, the package touches on a lifestyle that resonates with you, it communicates quality and exudes trustworthiness.

Pet Food Branding & Packaging

With consumers increasing their knowledge of and demand for quality, sustainability, transparency and organic ingredients in their pet food, so too comes the need for branding and package design that communicates this promise.

Packaging is meant to communicate what your brand stands for and what it means for the customer. 95% of new products fail, and a large part of that is because of the finite amount of time shoppers spend weighing the advantages and disadvantages of products. If they don’t understand or resonate with your package, they’re gone.

Package design is one of the single-most important factors in launching a product because packaging helps consumers understand why your product and brand are the “ONLY”. Your story can be swiftly told by strategies such as a clever name, a logo that signals the brand purpose, images of the actual ingredients— like wild salmon that appeals to pet owners who prioritize their pup’s health. Other ways could include joyful moments between pets and their owners that exudes the sense of care, or eye-catching certification icons that customers can check off their safety and quality list.

Increase sales through Package Design

Great package design and branding is especially significant for growing startups such as dog food companies because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal. Take Holy Crap Cereal, for example. Zesty Brands re-branding and package design for Holy Crap has boosted product Sales of Holy Crap™ over 166% since the re-branding. since the re-branding.

Today’s marketplace for pet food is way too competitive for you to rely on having the best product. We live in a world where we are spoiled for choice, and that’s in some ways, but a challenge for brands who rely on capturing the attention of customers in a few seconds.


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