Holy Crap

Package Design + Branding that moves you!

Delicious, gluten-free, high-fibre, organic, plant-based, energizing breakfast cereals.


Brand Identity
Package Design
A decade after making its debut on the Dragon’s Den TV Series, Holy Crap™ approached Zesty’s Vancouver branding agency to design a new brand identity and packaging design.

Holy Crap™ offers five distinct, tasty, nutrient dense, high fibre breakfast cereals. That contain allergy-friendly ingredients such as hemp, buckwheat and chia seeds, and gluten-free oats. Their mission is to create products that create a healthy gut and feed the connection between gut and mind.

Holy Crap Rebranding & Package Design

Nutritiously balanced, good for people and delicious, Holy Crap put happiness into every pouch, and the ease their cereals bring to breakfast makes you feel good. This feeling informed our creative journey; the logo, redrawn from scratch, feels bold and polished, but retains a joyful hand-drawn quality. This rebranding transitioned Holy Crap from the—dare we say “crappy”— logo and metallic packages to a modern, matte and eye-catching stand-up pouch with a cheeky logo that really stands out!


Happy from the Inside Out

With a goal to make people happy from the inside out, Zesty Brands developed a brand strategy and brand identity that exudes a happy and approachable feel. Framing the idea of happiness, the lively logo features a subtle smiley face, helping customers discover some delight in their shopping experience.


Photography, food styling and post-production for Holy Crap Cereal imagery was done in-house at Zesty Brands.

Supporting the Holy Crap brand identity, the naked spoons with ingredients spilling out supports the simple and bold packaging and really pops off the shelf.

Brand success that'll have you saying Holy Crap!

Sales of Holy Crap™ increased over 166% since the re-branding. The team quoted on Yahoo Finance, “With the new packaging and marketing strategy we expect to continue the growth trajectory of the breakfast cereal.”

Holy Crap has built a successful distribution model allowing consumers to find Holy Crap in many well-known Canadian retailers such as Save-On-Foods, London Drugs, Whole Foods, Safeway, Natures Fare, Choices Market, Nature’s Emporium, IGA, Calgary Co-Op, Organic Garage, Big Carrot, Ambrosia, and YamChops, with more stores to come! Holy Crap also has a loyal consumer following in many independent grocery stores.