Well-balanced branding + package design for ALIXR

Alkaline cocktail brand for the active, adventurous and health-conscious


Brand Identity
Package Design
ALIXR approached Zesty’s Vancouver Branding Agency to create a brand and package design for their new alkaline, low calorie, no sugar, alcoholic beverage for health-conscious millennials.

Branding & Logo Design

Minimalist design and a complicated triangle pattern solution helped us to emphasize the premium quality of the product. This identity is new, intriguing, and fits nicely into the alcohol landscape. The brand identity for ALIXR t’s flexible when it comes to innovation in flavours.

Brand Identity

With the perfect pH balance and just the right amount of flavour, ALIXR is refreshing with a savory after taste! This balanced mantra was executed within the logo as a triangle, a simple representation of three—and for ALIXR, that is alkaline, sugar-free, low calorie. The simplistic and light-weight font works well to communicate the basic nature of the product—nothing unnecessary is added.