Fridge of Wonders

All natural sauces, ferments + frozen treats

This package design captures the magic and wonder of all-natural ingredients!


Brand Identity
Package Design
Graphic Design
With their tasty Pender Island products made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients, Fridge of Wonders needed help creating a brand identity and package design that was both professional, and embodied the cozy charm of homemade, all-natural vibes.

Brand Identity Design

The Fridge of Wonders brand logo design captures attention, while remaining approachable. Using hand-drawn block letter design, we crafted a brand identity that feels friendly and echoes the artisanal nature of the products within. The letter-forms within the logo support the imagery of “goodies stacked together in a fridge”.

Package Design

The package design carries through the artisanal magic with abstract organic shapes that take on different hues for each products and flavour. This flexibility is crucial as it allows the brand to add new products seamlessly without compromising the cohesive look of its packaging.

The package design system adapts effortlessly across the product line, from hot sauces and fermented superkrauts, to vegan ice cream popsicles, while maintaining a recognizable brand aesthetic throughout.