Dr. Bee

Re-branding that was meant to Bee

Functional Canadian honey product brand has customers buzzing


Brand Identity
Package Design
Dr. Bee makes potent, all-natural and pure wellness products from honeybees. With a commitment to making the world’s purest and most functional honeybee products, backed by science, Dr. Bee felt that their brand and package design didn’t reflect the message.


With an existing name, we needed to devise a brand strategy for revamping the identity. This brand identity keeps the honeybee front and centre, denoting the brands core offering. Combining the bee with a DNA helix, we unify the concept of science & nature. A minimalist design with a playful twist. Through a simple graphic, the iconic image of a bee is formed into a memorable and eye-catching brand identity.

Package Design

The brand story is continued with package design. Through the design of nature elements for each product, the illustrations work to communicate Dr. Bee’s promise to keep harmony with nature, and the graphic design pairs well with the logo and typeface. Each respective flavour and product type hosts different imagery, hinting at the variety.