Branding that's sweet, but not too sweet!

A nutritious and fun brand of superfruit snacks for adventurous people on the go


Brand Identity
Package Design
Graphic Design
Chiwis approached our Vancouver branding studio to undertake branding and package design for their line of dried kiwi chips. Founder, Sarah Goodman had a unique vision to make delicious, healthy kiwi chips available to the masses. An ambitious aim that we were stoked to develop branding and package design for.

Package Design with a Sweet Brand Promise!

With upcycled fruits like kiwi, pineapple, mango and orange—including parts like the pineapple core or an orange rind for additional nutrients—these mouth-watering snacks needed a punchy design to carry the brand promise.

Chiwis are delicious, different, and way healthier than your typical snacks. Designing a package to showcase these unique qualities and the brand’s personality, meant vibrant & playful, but appealing to adults and kids alike!


Energetic, Friendly, Vibrant Brand Values

Exuding the natural and honest values of the brand, the package design for Chiwis carries a friendly tone, with vibrant colours, handmade fonts, and playful speech bubbles.

We directed our photographer to capture dried fruit that had a feeling of movement, and the energy speaks to the Chiwis customers, who grab and go to their next adventure!

Chiwis Branding + Logo Design

The brand logo we designed for Chiwis uses a friendly rounded typeface with an accompanying graphic to support the Chiwis personality. The starburst graphic is reminiscent of a kiwi centre, and signifies fun, playful, energetic, and the pop of flavour.

Chiwis Success Story

Chiwis founder, Sarah Goodman turned her love of one dehydrated fruit into a growing healthy snack business. Leveraging their new brand to raise $200,000 seed, and achieved their goal in less than two weeks.

From there, Chiwis has launched in 85 London Drugs stores in Western Canada, Save-On-Foods through the Western provinces, along with adding distribution in Yukon. The summer of 2022 also saw Chiwis go national thanks to a launch in 7-Eleven. Chiwis can be found in more than 1,000 stores, and is preparing for launch in Costco Canada & the US market.

For more on Chiwis, visit their website