Superfruit snacks for people on the go




Organic kiwi chips for people on the go.

Chiwis approached our Vancouver branding studio to create a brand and packaging for their line of dried kiwi chips. The Squamish-based pioneer had a unique vision: to make delicious, healthy kiwi chips available to the masses.

Brand Identity

We started off with a Brand Discovery Session to learn more about Chiwis, its values, and its point of difference. From there we could develop a design strategy that would reflect the fun, sassy, and healthy personality.

The brand logo we designed uses a friendly rounded typeface with an accompanying graphic to support the Chiwis personality. The starburst graphic is reminiscent of a kiwi centre, and signifies fun, playful, energetic, and the pop of flavour.

The “kiwi chips” font has a handmade feel, exuding the natural and honest values of the brand. The starburst graphic is a handy element to use in marketing and design. This warm and friendly style has a particular energy that speaks to its customers in a youthful and positive tone, capturing the target market.

Package Design

The package design for Chiwis carried the energetic and friendly tone, with vibrant colours, handmade fonts, and playful speech bubbles. We directed our photographer to capture dried fruit that had an energetic feel—we




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