Laid Back Snacks

Enticing, mouthwatering flavours and honest ingredients

Laid Back and tasty snacks, wrapped up in an irresistibly stylish package design!


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Package Design
Graphic Design
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Laid back Snacks, a brand renowned for its commitment to wholesome munching, team up with our branding agency to revamp of its package design. The centrepiece of this transformation is the mouthwatering photography that graces each package, practically inviting you to reach in and grab a handful.

Package Design

Gone are the days of playing guessing games with what’s inside your snack pouch. The new design champions transparency – both figuratively and literally. The packaging now boasts crisp and mouth-watering photography, showing the wholesome goodness nestled within. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about honesty and simplicity.

Product Photography

Putting taste appeal front and centre, we utilized our in-house photography studio to shoot clean, modern, and fun images of the product. The ingredients sprawled out across the bag pairs well with the casual and fun logo, as well as giving the customer a look at exactly what they’re getting in the pouch. Each bag becomes a canvas, where the real stars – the ingredients – are artfully displayed in all their glory. It’s a visual feast that promises a taste experience just as delightful.