Ocean Spray

Package design that's making waves!

A Caffeinated Sparkling Water with Real Fruit Juice, exclusively found at Walmart, Inc.


Brand Identity
Package Design
Advert Design
In the midst of the company’s current explosion to connect with younger consumers, Ocean Spray needed a brand identity and package design for their new lineup of sugar-free fruity, sparkling refreshment that boasts a kick of 50mg naturally sourced caffeine.

Swift Timelines

Ocean Spray sought an agile design agency to meet the demands of their rapid product launch schedule at Walmart USA. Stepping beyond the confines of their local Massachusetts branding agencies and choosing Zesty Brands, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to tackle this exciting challenge!


Logo Design

Taking inspiration from its name, and the equity within the Ocean Spray logo, we designed a logo that encompasses a feeling of movement and energy.

Refreshing Graphic Design

The package design includes four crisp and refreshing flavours: Strawberry & Lemon, Mango & Passionfruit, Mandarin & Blackberry, and Cranberry & Pineapple. Emphasizing the clean and simple characteristics of the product, we designed modern and refreshing sliced fruit graphics that start quenching thirst at first glance!