Giving you a Wave of energy in your day!

Ocean Spray


Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray “WAVE”

Ocean Spray approached Zesty Brands to develop a brand and packaging for their new caffeinated sparkling water product, “WAVE”. Wave is a flavourful calorie-free sparkling beverage that promises to give you a second wave of energy in your day, using naturally sourced caffeine from green tea.

The Logo Design

Taking inspiration from the Wave name, and the equity within the Ocean Spray logo, we designed a wordmark that encompasses a feeling of movement and energy. The brand identity emphasizes the beverage’s functional benefits with a refreshing tone.

Package Design

From can design, to 6-pack box, and a variety pack for Sam’s Club, we designed a lineup that would stand out on the shelf and speak to the nature of the product offering. Simple ingredients with a hint of caffeine, the packaging communicates clearly to the customer what and why.

Emphasizing the clean and simple characteristics of the product, we designed crisp, modern and refreshing sliced fruit graphics that start quenching thirst at first glance.



Branding, Icon Design, Package Design