Pete Hill

One-of-a-kind brand logo for this distinct brand

A boutique brand that has some very smart solutions for carrying your stuff


Brand Identity
Pete Hill offers jaw-dropping product designs that bring a loyal following and increase revenue. With his breadth of experience and keen, collaborative approach to navigating the process from concept to retail, Pete Hill needed a brand that would assist in conveying his distinct value.

Free-flowing Branding

Zesty Brands identity design for Pete Hill fits perfectly in an era where great things get made in the twinkle of an eye. Free-flowing lines symbolize creativity and a process that goes messy and then cleans up and finishes with great bags.

Brand Identity

The hand-scripted fluid, refined and elegant lettering relays the commitment to craftsmanship and individuality, and helps communicate Pete Hill as more of an approachable person rather than just another company. Crisply and purposely digitized to show precision in finish, the logo is a mark of authenticity and a one-of-a-kind graphic that can be recognized anywhere and can be easily used and reproduced across many mediums. The deep navy blue colour exudes a feeling of depth and stability and is associated with loyalty, wisdom and confidence, while the uniqueness of the logo allows for other colours or textures to be applied for different purposes.