Rescue Project

Rescuing a brand with great branding + kit design

Building a thriving non-profit brand


Brand Identity
Jersey Design
Rescue Project is a thriving non-profit committed to spreading awareness of animal rescue through cycling. This passionate brand needed help rescuing their logo and cycling kit designs.

Re-branding & Cycling Kit Design

The Rescue Project was struggling to catch the cycling crowd’s attention and needed a branding agency who could help build their brand. With the help of Zesty Brands, Rescue Project adopted a new brand identity that was approachable, flexible and able to communicate the brand’s purpose.

We first worked to design a host of new graphic assets, refinement of their logo, apparel logos and colour palette. Our strategy for the cycling clothing design was to focus on designs people would really want to get their paws on.

Colour palettes that were unisex and patterns that flattered any athlete or non-athelete’s figure. The line of cycling kits have become a cohesive, harmonious unit and have become unFUR gettable in the cycling world.

Outcome: UnFurgettable

The new brand identity has been pivotal in Rescue Project’s success and has elevate its brand and sales. Our kits designs have been featured on many cycling blogs and the “houndstooth” cycling kit design was recently featured in Men’s Fitness magazine.