Sunnie Hunnie

Making life sweeter for people with food allergies

Cookie package design that feels like home


Package Design
Graphic Design
Sunnie Hunnie, had a bright idea for category of treats. With humble roots and small batches of allergen-free treats at their cafe’, the founders contracted our Vancouver branding agency to make their passion for better-tasting, higher quality dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free experience a reality.

Brand Identity

As a brand that radiates good vibes, it seemed only fitting that the brand identity should do the same. Exuding feelings of sunshine and happiness, the sunflower and type style give a sense of whimsical, healthy, organic and hints at the superseed in the sunflower. Using custom handmade lettering, we injected an honest, fun and personalized tone into the logo.

Brimming with opportunity—Sunnie Hunnie’s cookie package design needed stand out against the trend-chasing competitors. Teasing out bits of the personality, it was important to express a caring vibe, therefore the packaging brings a sense of home. With the slightly vintage feel of the design style paired with the friendly typeface, it brings the customer warm feelings of family. Approachable and uplifting, the bright colour palette softens the personality and emphasizes the happiness-factor of the brand.