Brand Naming

Harness the power of a great brand name!

Our Vancouver Brand Naming Agency creates unforgettable brand names that carry your brands purpose and personality.

Finding the right name for a brand, product or service is no simple task—in fact, it is likely one of the most difficult business decisions you will make. Brand naming is filled with complexity, from uniqueness to the ability to trademark, it pays to work with an expert brand naming agency.

We understand the intricacies of brand naming and charge creatively to land on distinct solutions and power branding.

Brand Naming Experts

We are a Vancouver Brand Naming Agency who's got a knack for finding names that stand out.

We believe that brand naming, company naming and product naming are not about generating lists of words, but about unlocking names that fit a carefully considered strategy.

To arrive at a good name, we must understand the type of name that will do an exceptional job for your brand and your target market. We carry out a detailed Brand Discovery Process, uncover your Zest Factor, and follow that with research and careful analysis of the naming results.

Brand Naming Agency Services

  • Corporate naming
  • Sub-brand naming
  • Product naming
  • Name trademark research
  • Name storytelling

Great Names have Brand Play

Strong names help brands stand out, make an emotional connection, and inspire brandplay

Have you ever noticed certain brands with a stand-out personality? Brand naming is a powerful opportunity to add personality across the entire brand marketing mix. Verbal identity gives vocabulary to a brand, enhancing the personality and really making things shine.

A name must have substance or everything else will feel a bit, flat. Clever names create meaning, strike a chord with your audience, and make the process of design and marketing way easier! Our brand naming agency can help come up with a great name, or provide a brand name audit and make, sometimes hard to swallow, recommendations.

Namestorming Sessions

Brand naming requires a rigorous process

Brand names don’t come out of thin air. There is a method to the madness of brand naming — from understanding name types, assessing mouth-feel and enunciation; to researching brand competitors, knowing trends; we go through a rigorous process until we establish a name that best represents your brand.

With research at hand, we dive into a creative NameStorming session. In this session our creative juices flow and no idea is discounted, yet. Names may work. They may not. NameStorming is a great jumping off point, from then on, our creative team will explore, narrow down, and contemplate what will make your perfect brand name.

The new name can be real or made up, short or long, rational or emotive, descriptive or creative. But it must never be difficult to say, lacklustre or predictable. We may also explore how taglines, descriptors, and language can bring out a name’s personality. Throughout the creative phase, we’ll consider many themes and concepts, making sure our naming suggestions stay on brief and on brand.

Agile Strategy

Being agile means we are flexible, adaptable and efficient; accelerating the creative process.

Fresh Ideas

Having seriously impactful ideas is our intrinsic motivation, so we are constantly pushing the envelope.

Cost Estimating

We're transparent in our estimating, so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

Brave Brands

Our clients are pioneers and leaders, always pushing themselves beyond the concept of comfortable.