Network Zoo

Branding that took a lot of monkeying around!

This team was searching for a Kelowna Branding Agency with the best koalafications


Brand Identity
Website Design
Like a Zoo habitat, every business environment is not created equal. As such, this Kelowna IT company needed a brand that would meet the needs of a variety of clients and services. Going wild for our branding agency, this team was eager to work together!

In redefining what an IT company can be, they’ve shown what’s possible when you have the conviction to do things differently. The goal for our branding partnership was simple. To make this Kelowna IT Company unforgettable.

Brand Naming

Starting with the brand naming, we wanted to do something totally different than the usual boring technology brands. We thought about the customers daily interactions with their computer environment and likened it to a zoo—with varying habitats and the need for an expert to tame its chaotic environment.

We created a fun way to empathize with clients needs, building on the iconic zoo idea, the friendly tone of voice, and the industry-leading customer experience. We defined a brand system that will retain the brand’s signature simplicity as it grows its products and services, now and in the future.

With IT companies forever boring their clients with stock photos and wordy technical jargon, we needed a brand that could refresh, enliven and encourage. We added bold illustrations, wrote humorous puns inspired by the trials and frustrations of computer networks. A friendly brand tone of voice that’s encouraging and a bit nerdy — all together these brand elements create a bold identity for Network Zoo that’s absolutely nothing like an IT company.

Responsive Website Design

The website design for Network Zoo that accurately reflects their brand and scale with the ability to manage requests. As well as providing information about their products another core element of the website was to raise awareness of their skillset and provide the ability for users to discover additional services they may need.

To meet the client’s needs, we began with a bespoke design and we worked closely with the client on each unique layout identifying a clear user journey, key information areas and call to actions while ensuring their brand was obvious throughout. We developed lightweight code and assisted in copywriting, to ensure SEO performance.

Brand Identity

The real star of the company is its IT expert or zookeeper, as such we emphasized him at the heart of the brand logo—with the zookeeper racing to the rescue. The idea that Network Zoo is able to tame any businesses habitat results in a fun, engaging brand that makes the confusing world of IT a little less stressful.