Contrast REIT

Redefining what a REIT can be

Contrast offers investors the chance at high returns while feeling good about where their money goes.


Brand Identity
Website Design
In redefining what a REIT can be, they’ve shown what’s possible when you have the conviction to do things differently. With a mission to revolutionize real estate investment, Contrast REIT needed a branding agency who could help to illuminate their meticulously devised investment strategy.

Brand Identity & Brochure Design

Seeing opportunities where others see challenges, Contrast REIT has a revitalized vision of how investors make money.

Our challenge was to take Contrast beyond property investment. And to help them build a stand-out brand. Contrast is more than a name. It’s a set of values, attributes and artwork that reflects the spirit of the company. Investing needs a wake-up call, and instead of putting big money into shallow assets, Contrast offers investors the chance to feel good about where their money goes. By improving the lives of residents and their communities, Contrast believes occupancy remains high, rents are paid on time, maintenance and repair costs decline and cashflow from operations significantly improve.