Eve’s Crackers

Elevating Eve's with Retail & Tradeshow Design

Capture attention, increase sales, build brand awareness, and enhance the overall shopping experience for consumers.


Tradeshow Design
Retail POP Display
Graphic Design
Ad Design
In the competitive world of retail, Eve, the visionary behind the tasty gluten-free cracker brand, recognized the need for retail and tradeshow designs to captivate audiences. Teaming up with the Zesty package design studio, we created tradeshow, sell sheets and in-store display elements to elevate her brand's presence.

Retail Display Design

Retail displays increase the visibility of a brand’s products, making them more likely to catch the attention of shoppers. Eye-catching displays can draw customers in and encourage them to explore the products. Eve needed a well-designed retail display to help in build and reinforce brand awareness.

This retail display not only showcases the crisp and irresistible goodness of Eve’s Crackers but also elevates the brand to new heights. With its tasty design and strategic placement, the display beckons shoppers to embark on a culinary adventure, inviting them to savour the exceptional taste and quality that define Eve’s Crackers.