The Stair Co.

Branding that's really next level!

This custom stair company needed branding that would elevate your experience


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Rising to the challenge of creating a next level brand and identity for one exceptionally innovative Vancouver entrepreneur.


Our strategy for the Stair Co. Brand was to create a brand identity and messaging that conveys chic sophistication and unifies the brand traits. The logo shows geometric forms within a series of stairs within the S. These overlapping shapes work to convey an integrated offering and unified approach.

The tone of voice is confident, helpful and witty. We carried the brand promise through each touchpoint of The Stair Co. social media channels, and a variety of designs for digital and print marketing.

Branding worth staring at

The overall look for The Stair Co. brand is modern and simple. The brand personality has of sharp sense of wit—perfect for advertising!

By creating a strategic brand personality, it gave us a real leg up when developing social ads and marketing.