Jules + Kent Salsa

Creating a brand story that wisks customers away

Natural, gluten free salsas and sauces for the everyday cook


Brand Identity
Package Design
Our vision was to create an authentic experience for consumers. We began by developing a meaningful brand story around the name Jules & Kent. We thought it was important than consumers understand the name and how it relates to the product line. This would also give us a foundation when branching off into other product lines down the road.

The concept of Jules & Kent evolved into a set of relatable characters that appeal to shoppers and whom support and aid in consumer engagement. Giving life to the brand and packaging, we developed illustrations using creative food themes and colour palettes for each label. Within each illustration, we reflect the brand story of Jules & Kent and celebrate the ways people come together through food. The fun and eye-catching illustrations elevate the experience for customers.

Jules & Kent salsa has already garnered a loyal local following, opening to rave reviews and widespread community acclaim. The retail experience speaks to consumers in a language that makes their grocery shop a little more fun.