Lending a hand to this innovative brand

Modernizing the mortgage industry for mortgage brokers, financial institutions, and lenders.


Brand Identity
Tradeshow Design
With their innovative mortgage lending platform, Lendesk was searching Vancouver branding companies who could create a stand out brand. We were excited to lend a hand. We partnered with Lendesk to create a brand that would fundamentally change how we think about mortgage lending.

Brand Identity

The team at Lendesk came to us with spirited enthusiasm for boundary-pushing technology and we were excited to create an identity for a high-tech start-up company.

Lendesk provides technology that seamlessly connects mortgage brokers with its network of over 200 lenders. The company’s Lender Spotlight product allows brokers to find up-to-date mortgage rates, lender policies and product guidelines from lenders across Canada, and compare them side-by-side to find the best option for their clients. “Our goal is to simplify the home loan experience for mortgage brokers, lenders and their clients. ” said Alex Conconi, Founder and CEO of Lendesk.


Brand Logo Design

Our challenge was to design a logo mark that is iconic and immediately recognizable, even at the small size demanded by mobile platforms. We simplified the lending concept through a clean, minimal design and approachable language. Based around the idea of approval and growth, the logo incorporates a check mark icon to hint at progress.