A fresh new brand that’s mint for greatness!

Refreshing customer-focused web development studio for small businesses


Brand Identity
Website UI Design
Mintstone is a one-of-a-kind customer-focused web development studio for small businesses. They are passionate about partnering with good people and grassroots companies to build exceptional custom solutions—in an era of confusing offerings and endless features and possibilities.


Mintstone is a wise investmint for businesses, but to communicate this message they needed the help of Zesty Brands. We started the branding process by looking at how their personality was being conveyed through design—the brand identity and logo didn’t match up.

We re-designed the logo to be clean and thoughtful—just like their services. The minimalist design underscores the team’s swift and lightweight solutions and the bold, modern style keeps to their innovative personality.

UI Design

Combining our skills, we tackled the responsive website design; UI design, responsive flow, typography and copywriting, and Mintstone worked their magic to bring the site to life with code. The results were monumintal.

Zesty Brands Website Development by Mintstone, located in Squamish BC