Seventh Wave

Kick back and enjoy this package design

A laid-back brand offering surfside vodka & soda


Brand Identity
Package Design
Mike Quin conceived this Vodka Soda brand for those who like to kick back surfside. Our Vancouver Branding studio had a swell time helping Mike develop a name, brand, and package design.

Name development for this surf-themed brand, honed in on the idea that ocean waves travel in groups of seven, and the seventh wave is the biggest of the bunch. In a sea of me-too products, Seventh Wave was about to create a stir.

With its refreshing sound, Seventh wave worked to support the brand promise of great-tasting,  mouth-watering aroma, as well as referencing the surf culture to aid in the laid back vibe. Lending itself well to visual graphics and having a “good vibe”.

Laid Back Branding & Brand Naming

Bringing all the sun-filled California vibes, the brand identity we designed takes people straight to coast. Tapping into the laid back surf vibe, this identity represents the easy-going, easy-drinking vodka soda. By pairing clean typography with a refreshing colour palette, we captured the idea of lazy days spent watching the sun set into the sea.

If you’re looking for a vodka & soda that looks as good in your hands as it tastes in your mouth, then once you’ve found it! Seventh Wave’s design is simple, yet evokes a cool beach vibe. Taking a cue from surf culture, we created a brand identity with curved, linear, minimalist illustrations to set the scene.