Zesty Life

Organic illustrations bring this lifestyle brand to life

Cookbook design that'll make you Hungry for Adventure!


Brand Identity
Book Design
Inspiring people to “Live the Zesty Life”—pursue their passions and be in flow with a spirited, healthy and enthusiastic life.


The Zesty Life brand is lively, enthusiastic and spirited; as such the brand identity needed to convey that message. The logo is a hand-drawn script, subtly emulating a happy smile, surrounded by slurp droplets and energetic trees. With the tagline “Hungry to Adventure”, we encapsulated the perfect combination for the brand offering “outdoor adventure, healthy food and passion”.

The graphic design of the book simplifies the structure for ease of comprehension. The overall aesthetic of the book is clean, easy to follow, with a warm and inviting vibe. We blended bold photography with handwritten typographic treatments and incorporated a flexible grid, to accommodate a wide variety of content such as; recipes, stories, technical nutrition information, how-to articles, and much more. From icon design, custom typography treatments, brush-lettering, and beautiful photography, the book has a warm and energetic feel.

Cookbook Graphic Design

Recipes for a Zesty life transports readers straight into the heart of Squamish’s colourful forests and trails. Featuring nearly 50 plant-based dishes plus gorgeous photography accompanying every recipe, this stunning cookbook is the definitive guide to Plant-based eating and healthy living. Not only will you find recipes, but between each tasty recipes is a mindfulness practice, nutrition tip, or short story garnished with witty humour, the book is a truly unique art piece. Bursting with over 350 pages, this 8.5×11” coffee table book that readers simply can’t put down.

Grab a copy at https://zestylife.ca/book/