Canvas Homes

A blank canvas for a one-of-a-kind brand

Bespoke branding approach for their luxury-home clientele


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
With their knowledgeable, bespoke approach, Vancouver’s Canvas Homes provides progressive and unique solutions for its luxury-home clientele. Zesty's brief was to build the complete brand; from brand strategy to logo design, visual and verbal identity, advertising design and signage design.


Zesty Brands worked closely with Canvas Homes to develop a branding and design solution that would set them apart in a saturated market.

We unearthed the Company’s personality traits – quality, warmth, visionary, collaborative and pioneering, all with a human touch. Brand characteristics that fed directly into the brand architecture and positioning. The Brand Identity with its warm burnt orange colour, and inviting letter-forms that form a memorable canvas graphic. The brand identity result in the same fusion of styles and textures that work together so seamlessly in Canvas Homes one-of-a-kind design & build approach.