Late night snacks, from your wildest dreams!

Effin’ Good Snacks


Effin’ Good Snacks

Late night snacks, from your wildest dreams!

Effin’ Good Snacks approached Zesty to develop a brand and packaging for their line of Nighttime-friendly snacks.The snacks will be sold on their website as well as


With an existing name, our first job was to develop a strategy for the personality, messaging and the design. The snacks, formulated specifically for night-time, were aimed at health conscious millennials who want to satisfying their cravings without feeling guilty or disrupting their sleep.

The Zest-Factor for Effin’ Good Snacks was “To create guilt-free and tasty snacks from your wildest dreams”.

With this brand strategy, we designed a moon logo that is reminiscent of a cookie with a bite out of it—signifying the late night snack connection. This graphic will help connect the brand name to the product purpose. The sans-serif font has a relaxed feel, exuding the chill-out vibe and quirky values of the brand. The moon cookie graphic also serves as a handy element to use in marketing and design. The friendly style has energy that speaks to its customers in a youthful and dreamlike tone, capturing the target market; while the colour palette highlights the night time feel.

Package Design

By telling the brand story through night-themed graphics and colours, the packaging effectively conveys the brand personality and zest factor. The quirky snack monster and graphics entice the customers to explore every inch and every side of the packaging. Playfully sitting next to its competition in the market, the Effin’ Good brand is bold, and instantly recognizable; intriguing the market with something new and fun!

The package design included branding, illustrations, copywriting and brand messaging, icon design, assistance with CFIA compliance. The strong graphic design theme allowed us to include multiple claims and icon designs without cluttering the packaging, creating a cool package that’s sure to get attention.


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