Sea to Sky Construction

Captivating West Coast Brand

Sea to Sky branding charged with confidence, simplistic design and imbued with meaning.


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Sea to Sky Construction offers residential building services with a unique in-house trade structure. A strong brand was needed to emphasize their committed to providing a unique one-stop solution for the Sea to Sky corridor.

Sea to Sky Branding

Approaching our Vancouver branding agency, Sea to Sky Construction was ready to build a captivating west coast brand. Our strategy for this new brand identity shows geometric forms that emulate the sharp lines of construction. The overlapping shapes convey Sea to Sky’s comprehensive approach with a dimensional depth that hints at the physical spaces where the business works (mountains, oceans, houses).

Brand Identity

Our graphic design applications for Sea to Sky Construction are crisp and professional-looking with a lively, but still corporate colour palette. The abstract logo graphic makes for a catchy icon to be applied on various marketing and advertising design material.