West Vancouver Schools

A bright future for this brand and its students

Branding and website design for West Vancouvers innovative school district.


Website Design
Advert Design
West Vancouver School District needed some bright thinking on how to update their brand, create a new website, and better position themselves in their market.

Rebranding, Naming + Logo Design

The project encompassed a full Rebranding and Brand Naming. The generic name, School District 45, was changed to West Vancouver Schools. The outdated lighthouse logo was updated with clean lines, modern graphics and fresh colours to support the innovative nature of the district. To strengthen the brand language, we injected new meaning within the lighthouse. The idea of bright—futures and minds of our students helped capture the energy, passion and progressive drive of the brand.

Graphic Design

The project continued with a full re-design and creation of new communication materials. We developed a consistent design standard and templates for documents, stationery, collateral, brochures and ads. Additionally, we built a new WordPress website for both the district and each of its individual 17 schools.

Armed with a new brand and spirited confidence, West Vancouver Schools was able to captivate its audience locally and across the globe.