Wild Ocean Fish

Package Design that scaled nationwide!

Marine biologist turned entrepreneur, looking to make waves with his Ocean Wise brand


Brand Identity
Package Design
Marine biologist turned entrepreneur, Zac Semeniuk’s Vancouver-based line of wild Ocean Wise frozen fish needed the right branding and package design to convey his personal passion for fish freshness, ocean sustainability and fair trade.

Brand Naming

We began with the name strategy that would “catch” the attention of shoppers. W!ld was straightforward and obvious, which is what we were aiming for. We decided on how people could relate to the idea of “Fresh, wild, authentic” and our strategy was to emulate that people tend to think about buying fresh fish rolled up in a newspaper with handwritten type.


Brand Logo Design

Rachelle’s design of the handwritten W!ld logo takes a cue from how fisherman use black markers to scrawl a fish’s type and price across the makeshift wrapping paper.

Package Design

For the package design, we continues with the fish market theme. Marine steward articles made up the text background for each W!ld package. A bright colour created a distinct and simplistic look for each variety and product. From fresh fish fillets to healthy burgers, it was a stand-out brand on the shelves of Whole Foods and Save-On-Foods markets.

Shortly after the product launch, the brand and products created quite the stir in the marketplace, was featured in DesignEdge magazine and the distribution quickly went nationwide.