Package Design


Label Requirements Worksheet

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Putting together your brand new product package design can be confusing. At our Vancouver Branding Agency, we help our clients get through the process as swiftly as possible using a helpful package worksheet and checklist. Our package checklist includes labelling requirements about the nutrients in food (the Nutrition Facts table), claims about nutrients, the...


Cannabis Branding

It’s becoming understood that an investment in strong branding for cannabis companies is key to rising above the glut of hopefuls trying to get a piece of the grassy pie. With Canada's federal government announcing it would be legalizing marijuana, we're seeing a staggering increase of products coming on the cannabis market. This means you’ll be seeing...


How-to create a successful product launch

Getting your idea to the shelves The process of getting your idea to the shelves of major retailers can feel overwhelming. And once you're there, success not only requires a viable idea but an alluring brand, scaleable business model and healthy supply chain. Understandably, we all want the instant product success and the brand recognition of companies such...