Brand Strategy


Finding your Zest Factor

What makes your brand the “only”? Dive deep into the heart of any successful brand and you’ll find one crucial element: a zest factor. Think about why your brand matters. At our Vancouver branding agency, we take our clients through a unique process to discover what makes them the only. This "onliness" is what we call the zest...


Finding Your Brand Voice

Branding Beyond Design As brand designers, we develop many aspects of the brand, from the strategic thinking that creates the big idea, to the brand visual graphics, colour strategy, typography and imagery. But there’s an aspect that many startups and designers overlook, and that is a brand’s voice. People often say, “we need branding work,” and then they...


Cannabis Branding

It’s becoming understood that an investment in strong branding for cannabis companies is key to rising above the glut of hopefuls trying to get a piece of the grassy pie. With Canada's federal government announcing it would be legalizing marijuana, we're seeing a staggering increase of products coming on the cannabis market. This means you’ll be seeing...